Reflections: 2020 and what next?

2020 has been an exceptional year in more than one ways. It has been a year of reflections, slowing down, getting back to basics, finding what is truly worth it, understanding what’s dispensable and valuing relationships. Life isn’t always about making choices to select things, but a lot of times it is about making smarterContinue reading “Reflections: 2020 and what next?”

Running: Beyond 42.2

September 27’2020 After finishing the chapter on “Pain” in the book “Endure”, I was inspired for trying something new.┬áThis was my first run where I went beyond 42.2.First 30km were usual juggernaut, where you keep grinding and also ensuring you have enough gas to last the distance you are planning. Real fun begins only afterContinue reading “Running: Beyond 42.2”


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A runner. Running is NOT just a hobby, but a passion. I also like to travel, write, cook, and be a good father.

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