My dad left for the heavenly abode two weeks back. This write up is a small tribute to him.

  1. He was an extreme example of an independent man. Even when he was getting on the ambulance which turned out to be his last ride, he insisted and walked and climbed up himself rather than being taken in a stretcher.
  2. Being a primary school teacher at a govt school doesn’t leave you with a lot of money, but his money management and personal finance skills enabled him to be much better than most of his peers despite a bigger family.
  3. We even saw times when managing two square meals was also a challenge. We lived through it and it only made him stronger.
  4. Much before the personal finance books started teaching, he understood the importance of having a secondary source of income.
  5. He did a second or even a third job in for the secondary income. Examples being at an ice cream factory, driving.
  6. By the time his eldest kid was 15, he was setting up him own business. While dad used to be at school for his day job, his eldest kid started helping him on his venture.
  7. Business kicked off well enough to be lesser dependent on his salary and he was able to send the remaining 3 kids into better schools. Before that we were all in govt school which was free.
  8. While the eldest one continued to help in the business, he also completed his education. Though he continued on the dad’s venture.
  9. Other 3 kids were making progress in their studies and dad was supporting each of them basis what he felt each were capable of.
  10. Dad retired in Aug 2009, his son, in the same month, cracked a job at Amazon and with a starting salary of much higher than what dad got in his last month as a working teacher. Within months another son, cracked a job at a public sector bank. The fourth son, another computer science graduate, is now a grade one officer for the govt of India.
  11. After his retirement he traveled peacefully across the country for multiple month long trips.
  12. Once he was back from his trips he continued his daily schedule religiously. Waking up before sunrise, taking care of cow’s food, and noting down all his expenses in his diaries. And then during the day overseeing the construction of our house. And go to bed by 8.30pm.
  13. In last two weeks during the rituals, came to know lot of examples from his friends and family where he ran around to help them selflessly. These help mostly to get some clerical work in govt offices. He was able to do them because he understood the art of networking before management schools started teaching them.
  14. He remained disease free for most of his 73 years. He left us with really big shoes to fill in. 
  15. His greatest assets being his 4 kids. All of them are proud of their dad’s deeds and achievements.

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