Running: Officially a sub 3:30 Marathoner

17th Jan’2021, First official race in almost an year. Though I wasn’t fully prepared for the marathon distance race training. But given this was the first opportunity in a race in an year, I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. As I had shared in my last post the plan for the run, the plan was to keep at 40min per loop. I was on target for Goal A till 35km just then the cramps started to appear which slowed me down and by the 39th Km it forced me to actually stop for a few minutes. From then On, the Goal B was the next target, which was finishing the run in sub 3’30”

Overall a very satisfying run. The best of Bengaluru marathoners were all there and the ambience was just about perfect. The weather Gods were very kind as it remained pleasant throughout. As a runner you couldn’t have asked for a better setup.

This is how the race went: First 10k – 47’45”, HM at 1’39”, 36.8km at 3hr mark. Last 5.3km in 29min. Finished at 3’29”. During the race was depending on the gels, one every 8th Km.

As they say real marathon starts after the 30th kilometer, and this race for me was no different. Though i had not run a single 20+ distance in last 50 days, the 4 FM practice runs in Aug-Oct 2020, helped fight the mental aspect of the run. Those full Marathon practice runs, helped fight the fear of an FM. The physical aspect that slowed me down around 35km, could probably been avoided, if the mileage had been higher in the build up the race.


  1. I need to ramp up the mileage clocked much higher to have sustained race-pace. My longest run in 50 days before the race was 18km. You need couple of 30+ km distance runs.
  2. Fix the shoe/socks issues to avoid the blisters. After race, my legs were all bruised up. This also led me to slow down(or atleast made to stop pushing harder to avoid skin pill offs.).
  3. Pre-race needs improvement.
  4. I still need to work on the strides. Maybe i need to practice atleast one speed work outs every week.

Onto the next: Sub 20 5k??

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