Running: Gearing up for First Marathon of 2021

I will be running a real marathon(Not a virtual one) after an year on 17th Jan’2021. Feeling a bit nervous, but more excited as I am getting to take part in non-virtual run. After 2020, this feels like a luxury. Running in solo has its advantages but you start getting fatigue or the monotony just starts getting inside you. So i am eagerly looking forward to the run.

What’s my target/goal for this marathon? Well a very diplomatic answer to this is “Going to simply enjoy the run”. That would be a half truth though. Of course I am intending to cherish the run, but I would be lying if I say i am not looking for some running goals. I am going with the intent to run this within 3’30”. My goal A is 3’20”. 3’30” also will make me super happy. I will be satisfied if I am able to do anything under 3’40”(Goal C). Will start with goal A, and see how this progresses. I don’t exactly recollect which book I got this idea to have multiple goals for any run, but it is empowering. Always go with a best case in mind as goal A and keep pushing for it. But as we know running is a hard game and things do change dramatically during the long run, so having a Plan B or a C helps you still push hard if for any reason Plan A doesn’t work out.

How is my prep for the marathon? I did my last HM+ distance almost a month back. So long run perspective, I do realize, I am little short of practice. But I am feeling confident about my stride and endurance in whatever runs I have managed. The last FM i did was on 25-Oct for New York Marathon(3’45”) and I didn’t push too hard there and it was a solo self supported run. Here the run is an organized event as part of Bengaluru Marathon so the support and motivation wise, this is going to be an advantage.

I will write my next post on how the FM went by after Jan 17th.

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