Running: Fighting Blisters and Puking to get 10k PB

Dec 25’2020, I was running my first TCSWorld10K run(though a virtual event) after a gap of 5 years. Last time I did the TCSWorld10K in 2015, my timing was painfully at 1hr 14min. That time it was with no training, and a last minute registration to do a 10k.

This time, I was much better prepared both physiologically and psychologically. As I mentioned in my previous post about the story of first sub50 which was around a year back. This time I was targeting somewhere in between 42-43min.

Last 9 days before the race day, I had just one run of 5km where I ended up with bleeding blisters in my toes. I was worried about making it worse during the run, so was not trying to take a risk by over stretching the injury.

Race Day: Started the run at a pace of 4min per Km, and i was pleasantly surprised that I was able to maintain an average pace of 4’03” till 5km. In that process I got to my 5k PB as well with a timing of 20’16”. Probably the fresh legs helped. After 5th km, I was feeling the pain and also pumping heart rate. I was speaking to myself “even if i maintain 4’30” pace from here, i will still end up with a PB. So don’t push too hard, just ensure that each km is not more than 4’30”.”

This worked till 8km mark, because after crossing 8km mark, I got a puckish feeling. And within 100m, i was puking. total 3 times in next 40sec, and I was not even moving. For few seconds I thought, may be today’s not the day of a PB. Still lets try to complete it. Started again and I was back to pace of 4′ in no time. Actually within few seconds I was able to completely forget about the puke and concentrate on the run again. Finished the Last Km in 3’52”. Overall at 42’04” for the 10km. (The TCS app says 41’36”, but I trust Strava more, which says 42’04”). A PB by 100seconds.

After run feeling was amazing. Though it was a solo run and no one around to talk to, I was just trying to let that sink in and smiling. May be its not so hard. Or may be the continuous training is paying off. Thanked the almighty for the blessings and started back for Home.

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