Running: Beyond 42.2

September 27’2020

After finishing the chapter on “Pain” in the book “Endure”, I was inspired for trying something new. 
This was my first run where I went beyond 42.2.
First 30km were usual juggernaut, where you keep grinding and also ensuring you have enough gas to last the distance you are planning. Real fun begins only after the 30km. At 34-35km, I was feeling some discomfort in the calves and that reminded me the learnings of pain. How pain is a limiter and also at the same time how it helps to push beyond what you thought was your limit. Instead of fighting the pain, accept it, embrace it.

There’s no fun in running if pain was not part of it.

Slowed down just a little bit and kept listening to the pain, the pace slowness ensured I was not increasing the pain. After a km, the pain subsided at least I didn’t feel it. And started the grinding again.
Till 42.2 after that was a continuous grinding and more mental than physical.
Beyond 42.2 was a mental block, though I walked for a bit after that to enjoy the marathon completion and also to regain some energy to push further.
Last 7km were a combination of walks and runs. Overall a very joyful run with a lot of learnings.

This is still my longest run. Both in terms of Time and distance.

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