Running: Breaking 100

Breaking 100min in HM

Half Marathons are NOT marathons, but it provides just the right sweet spot to push a bit harder and a bit longer to get your runner’s High. This Saturday(28/11/2020) I did the time trials for HM with a goal to beat the 100min barrier which I have been trying for quite some time now.

And I went with the plan that I mentioned in the previous post to start with 4’20”-25″ per km pace and see how it goes.

The first 5 were a breeze, next 5 again just went with the flow, and reached 10km mark at ~45′ min. Next 5km were a bit harder, not because I was struggling, but because when you do time trials without any competition, there is a factor of mental fatigue that plays in and can easily slow you down. I had to keep reminding myself it was all in the brain, just maintain the 4’30”-35″ as long as possible and we will see what happens after that.

The blisters in the run

And I kept going, around 17km mark felt some pain in my toes, I could feel the blisters in there, but stopping was NOT an option. Kept moving. After 2 more km, there was no pain in toes, only the glory which I kept visualizing to see myself at 1hr 35 min at the finish line. It was almost a dream a year back. And in last 2km I could see myself there, even before reaching the finish line.

Pushed the last km faster, and made it to the finish line at 1h35m(95min). This was what I was internally targeting though anything less than 100min would have been equally happier.

After reaching the finish line, the first thought that came to mind was, an ultimate satisfaction. Not because of the new Personal Best. Or my previous best by almost 5min. But the real reason of joy was the consistent pace that I was able to maintain. Slowest km was at 4’40” while my average was 4’31”. The second reason being able to maintain a strong form throughout the run. In the long term, form becomes very very crucial to keep raising the bar of performance.

Learnings from the run:

  1. Cadence during the run was very much there with 185. The stride length is something, I think I can improve further. Will read about it and also talk with my running buddies to understand this better.
  2. Going at 5-10sec faster than target pace during the 3-8km range helps in HM distance run.
  3. 13-17km is mentally the toughest part. If you can maintain your target pace during this, you will eventually finish at your target timing.
  4. Need to find better compatible socks as blisters continue to bother during the speed runs.

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