Running: Sub 100min Half Marathon

The sub 100min half marathon timing is something I have been trying for a long time. And officially in a half marathon, the closest I have reached is 101’9”min. That was in the Delhi Half Marathon in October’2019. After that in a 25km run I crossed HM at 100’01”. Within 1 sec of my target timing. That was in December 2019.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon - New Delhi, India - 11/29/2020 - My BEST Runs -  Worlds Best Road Races
Image from ADHM

After that, I haven’t run any HM races as there haven’t been any. This Saturday, Nov 28, 2020, I am going to give it a shot again. This will be part of Virtual Delhi Half Marathon. To emulate Delhi flat track I will be running on a flat route as well. This time I feel I am better trained, better prepared than I was last year. So I am quite hopeful to break the 100min barrier. The challenge this time because it is virtual would be to ensure a good support for hydration and some snacks. Let’s see how that goes. The second bigger challenge is emulating a race scenario. In an actual race it is much easier to get inspired by the race ambience, the crowd, and the competition itself makes you push harder.

This is going to be the plan, let’s see how well I am able to execute.

1. Start with 4.25-30 pace, maintain for 5-6km and feel how the body takes it.

2. 10-16km, just stick to a pace that is maintained for the distance. Preferably 4’30”

3. 17-21 if I can, then push a bit harder to get a better timing.

I will write another post on Saturday how this goes.

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