Running: My first sub-50 10k

How to Run a Sub 50 10K and Set A New PR - YouTube

August 2019

After almost 14 months of consistent running. And in the previous 3 months had tried the sub 50 for couple of times and always used to hover around 53-54”. In those failed attempts I realized my mistake was trying to do a pace of 5′-5’10” for first 6-7km and push at the end for wrapping at 50. But to do a sub 50, I needed to comfortably do sub 5 km for 3-4km at a stretch and that is what I was targeting in those weeks before the run.

On 15th August, 2019, a run organized by Decathlon, I along with my close buddies registered at the last minute and went for the run. At the starting point, I saw there were only 12-15 runners in the 10K category. And I counted I had good opportunity to do a podium finish.

As the race began we had no clue of the route, and as per the instructions at the starting point, we had to reach the 5km mark, there will be a volunteer who will note our BIB number and we return back to finish the 10km run. After the first 2km I was leading the pack, though i was focusing on maintaining a pace that would allow me to do sub 50, finish first was another added incentive. At around 2.75km mark, I saw the volunteer, he shouted/gave a sign to take a U-turn. I understood they had goofed up. But then I thought may be they will re-route somewhere to make a 10km distance. I kept on pushing a pace of around 4’50” and reached the starting point in 24’30” and a total of 5.5km. When they realized I was suppose to run 10km, the volunteers asked me to do another loop. I was like “WHAT?” But there was not time to argue. I knew I was leading the 10km still, so doing another loop won’t hurt.

Second lap felt difficult but I managed to wrap it at 52”. My GPS showed almost 11km for a 10km race. I had done the 10k in sub fifty, and probably in 47” and the 11km in 52”. Slightly controversial for a first time sub-50 10km. Nevertheless, It didn’t matter, I was ecstatic to finish first in a race. In the official certificate they acknowledged it and noted my timing for 10k as 48’15”.

I followed it up in the next bigger race to finish 10k in 49 again after two weeks. Though it was a 21.1km race. So officially(as part of an HM) it happened on 25th Aug, but actually on 15th August.

Yet to run a proper 10km race since!!!

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