Running: Advantages

In this age where information is democratized with Internet, everyone knows what needs to be done, if they don’t know they have all the information at their finger tips to find what is the right thing to do. But, few Do.

So, while I am talking about running this actually applies to any domain in life. If you just do simple things that needs to be done, you are already ahead of the crowd.

Running we all know have tremendous health benefits. I will skip talking the health benefits as it’s readily available information. I will talk about the indirect benefits of running.

  1. Fashion: You don’t have to buy expensive clothing’s to look great. Your face shines, and your body posture makes you look apart from the non-running crowd. The difference is easily distinguishable.
  2. Daddy-cool(Mommy-cool): You can continue to be the daddy cool when your kids get in their teens. You can be the young daddy and play with them. And if you are lucky, you can even be the fastest dad in your kid’s school.
  3. Stress-buster: Running can be your stress buster or a replacement for meditation. In a stressful modern world, you need to vent out sometimes, and running can help you stay relaxed.
  4. Connected: The information world makes the world seem a small place, but ironically people hardly meet in-person(not even their neighbors). Running has a knack of connecting people.
  5. Me-time: We all need time to talk to ourselves. Running is one of the best and most natural way to provide it. To ensure i do, I don’t use ear-phones while running. I try to listen to myself.

2 thoughts on “Running: Advantages

  1. I’m a big fan of No. 5 “me time” but I don’t like to wear ear phones that much as I like to hear what’s going on around me, listen to the sounds of the day (or the river if I’m running along the prom). I can still have my own thoughts but like to hear the real world too.


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