Run. But Why?

All runners and non-runners face this question/dilemma everyday. Why Run?

A very simple answer is “Because You Can?”

Though it is a very simplistic 3 word answer, but among all that I have heard as answers to this, this seems most profound.

There will be a day when you cant run, but today is not that day.

Run for the joy of running.

Run because, you find people who think similar, and the running community are one of the most helpful and friendly community you will ever find. You don’t have to go find people, this is a natural phenomena which will happen as you get regular.

A person’s life has several parallel threads that keeps running, like career, family, kids, travel, a new home and many others. And one thing common among all these life threads is, it also gives you anxiety, fear, stress and peer pressure. If you have a thread which is completely yours with freedom from all other attachments, anxieties in life reduces drastically. Sports can be one such thread. And among all sports, running is one game, which is the simplest and most natural to humans. You don’t have to depend on any group to go for a run. Groups do make running fun, but it is not a necessity.

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